SRBC Soul Winning Ministries

This ministry is very important to us as a church because it gives everyone an opportunity to bring the gospel to someone who might have never heard about how to be born again through believing on the Lord Jesus Christ. The gospel according to First Corinthians 15:1-4 is the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Door-to-door Witnessing.

During the warm seasons we go from door-to-door with the hope to find someone who is searching for the truth and is willing to talk with us about God’s simple plan of salvation from the Bible. Bringing the gospel to as many homes as we can is our motivation.

Please join us in this team effort tell our neighbors about the Lord Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.


Street Preaching.

A few times a year we join together as a church to go onto the streets to publicly preach the gospel. This is also called open air preaching and is done through lifting up our voices as a trumpet as God told Isaiah to do in Isaiah 58:1.

What we like most about this ministry is that it is Biblical. It was done by the Lord Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, Peter, Stephen, Paul, and many of the Old Testament prophets when having to deliver a message to a group of hearers. Usually we do not use loud speakers, but we preach loudly with our voices using proper technique so not to damage our vocal cords.

While on the streets we pass out gospel tracts that tell people how to be saved, and try to start conversations with people about being salvation, with the hope to lead a lost soul to Jesus Christ.

Please join us in street preaching if you are interested in delivering the gospel to the world as did the Lord, the apostles and prophets.